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Cooking Up A Successful Hospital Merger Transition

Jim Sciancalepore, VP/Sr. Creative Director

Merging hospitals and health care systems is a little like making a giant pot of chili. In the end, the pot of chili has become more than the sum of its parts. Each of the ingredients retains its character to be sure, but the combination creates something altogether new and different. Hearty and wonderful.

Making a “Beautiful Day”: Behind the Scenes of MVP’s TV Commercial

Jim Sciancalepore, VP/Sr. Creative Director

The sky was perfectly clear within a 50-mile radius, except for that small thunderstorm gliding straight toward Kinderhook, where were filming a TV commercial for MVP Health Care. Up until that moment, everything had been going, well, beautifully.

The Human Impact of Social Marketing

Jim Sciancalepore, VP/Sr. Creative Director

When we arrived at the schools, food pantries and other organizations affiliated with the finalists, there was palpable excitement. The people at these places had worked hard to get their “champion” into the finals – a firsthand look at the powerful multiplier effect of social marketing.

Release The Wellness! New Campaign Launch For MVP Health Care

Jim Sciancalepore, VP/Sr. Creative Director

Our latest open enrollment campaign for MVP Health Care challenges some of the memes and machinations of health insurance and its promotion. Built around the theme “Wellness For Real People,” the effort is about positioning the insurer as a fresh and innovative choice for employers (who offer the plan) and their employees.

Revving Up Social Marketing For Cabela’s

Jim Sciancalepore, VP/Sr. Creative Director

Cabela’s just added Media Logic to their roster of marketing partners to amplify their social efforts. With all the hikers, anglers and hunters on our team, we couldn’t wait to get started!

"Cheer" Up! Even P&G GM Had Social Media Wrong

Jim Sciancalepore, VP/Sr. Creative Director

If you feel that you may have been dismissive about the marketing power of social media, “Cheer” up. Stem the “Tide” of negativity. I’m going to let you in on a little “Secret.” Because, the reality is, many marketers shared this point of view. But perhaps none so famously as Procter & Gamble’s Ted McConnell.

Who’s Ted McConnell?

Instant Uprising: The Late Show Wars

Jim Sciancalepore, VP/Sr. Creative Director

As brand communities vie to build consumer support, social media proves to be a powerful force for rallying the troops.

Will Tweet For $

Jim Sciancalepore, VP/Sr. Creative Director

Whether celebutante Kim Kardashian was actually paid $10,000 to tweet about salads from Carl’s Jr. or if she was just sharing her honest opinion with fans, this incident opens some interesting marketing questions.

Tweet for Cash Kim Kardashian
Will this become standard practice, enlisting celebrities of all stripes to shill for products and companies? How will the FTC monitor and enforce this practice? And will commercialization ultimately sully the appeal of social media?

Big questions, for intriguing times.

Looking Ahead, Looking at Headlines

Jim Sciancalepore, VP/Sr. Creative Director

In the fleeting moments of a turbulent, unpredictable and unflaggingly interesting decade, one need only look at some of the headlines and newsbites of the day to see the shape of marketing things to come.

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