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Just Browsing: Retailers Attempt to Thwart Showrooming Trend

Sheila Cowieson, Sr. Account Executive

After contemplating a purchase, you head to the store to check out the item. Then, you buy it at a cheaper price online – from a different vendor. Are you guilty?

Self-Help for Brands: Embrace Your Strengths, Quirks AND Flaws!

Sheila Cowieson, Sr. Account Executive

As humans, we are drawn to other humans that are confident and comfortable with themselves - quirks, flaws and all. We can be turned off by seemingly “perfect” people that attempt to hide all their flaws. Why wouldn’t we feel the same about our favorite brands?

Ruminations on Reunions in a Social World

Sheila Cowieson, Sr. Account Executive

Mingling over a cocktails, I found conversations beginning with “Congratulations on passing the bar exam!” or “Your new baby is beautiful!” rather than the bland “So what have you been up to lately?” It was clear that social media had affected the reunion from more than just a logistical standpoint.

Credit Card Issuers Revamp Rewards to Attract and Retain Customers

Sheila Cowieson, Sr. Account Executive

Recognizing the potential value of loyalty programs to long-term customer relationships, new credit card offers are emerging that lure consumers away from competitors and tap the consumer bases of major retailers.

Boomers Turn 65, Companies Discreetly Adapt

Sheila Cowieson, Sr. Account Executive

As 78 million boomers enter old age and look forward to longer life expectancies, marketers are finding new ways to boost customer engagement with this behemoth group.

Social Media Helps Bargain Hunters Shop, Save and Share

Sheila Cowieson, Sr. Account Executive

In the coming year, I will have my eye on the evolution of the retail discount. The traditional coupon clip has been transformed by shopping apps and social media. As an admitted bargain hunter, I’m glad to see deal-seeking become posh again.

With the growing popularity of online social networks, where consumers “like” and follow brands as readily as they do friends and pop stars (see Media Logic’s 2010 Retail Marketing Report), the buying experience has become truly interactive and is likely to grow even more so.

Wealthy Expect Luxe Treatment Online, Too

Sheila Cowieson, Sr. Account Executive

As I am constantly reminded through our work with J.P. Morgan and its luxury co-brand partners, the wealthy are a distinct segment that should be marketed to with special care and attention. We know that these affluent consumers seek value, convenience, exclusivity, and unique experiences and products.

We know they are willing to pay a premium for lasting value and that they expect a high-involvement sale with an elevated level of personalized service.

And while affluents account for only 20% of U.S. households, they spend more than 40% of the $4 trillion spent at retail establishments every year, making them an undeniably important segment for the retail industry...

Exploring Our Love-Hate Relationship with Facebook

Sheila Cowieson, Sr. Account Executive

This just in: Facebook gets an “F” in customer satisfaction. Yes, in a survey released this month, the American Customer Satisfaction Index reports that Facebook has scored a surprisingly low 64 points out of a possible 100. “This puts Facebook in the bottom 5 per cent of all measured private-sector companies, and in the same range as airlines and cable companies, two perennially low-scoring industries with terrible customer satisfaction,” reports the ACSI. The site has even lower satisfaction than IRS e-filers. Ouch.

How can this be? How can the most visited site on the Internet also be among the most despised?

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