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Handshakes and LinkedIn Connections (Just like Peas and Carrots)

Over the course of the past year, I’ve had the pleasure to foster several new vendor partnerships (B2B). In each case, an invitation to join their LinkedIn networks followed our initial project conversations.

On the heels of one recent exchange, it occurred to me that an invitation to make social media alliances/associations had become a gesture grounded in normalcy – no different than adding contact info to a rolodex or data-base in the old days. Online life and offline life have aligned: tool in some cases, skill in others.

It also occurs to me that although this mode of relationship-building requires little lift, it shares far deeper insight into folks who are all but strangers initially. For me, it has the makings of an unspoken trust initiator. Without much effort, you have some credibility with one other.

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Effective Email Marketing for Fundraising: 3 Keys to Consider

Carnegie Mellon "Fuel The Fire" micrositeHow do you increase giving among alumni and other constituents during the worst economic downturn in a generation? How do you inspire a deeper connection between alumni and their alma mater? How do you connect alumni more effectively to the needs of current students? And how do you do this via email?

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Prospecting High Value Customers with Social Media

Can social media marketing drive B2B inbound leads? I think so.

Can you be convinced?

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Driving Response Through Analytics

blog_embaFew products set the marketing bar higher than EMBA programs from top business schools. In our work with the Johnson School at Cornell University, Media Logic helped the school extend its brand to more than 20 markets through an integrated conversation-centric marketing campaign. We employed a wide array of targeted media as well as automated communication that was used to spark a dialog with the school’s admissions team.

Key to the success of these campaigns was sophisticated web analytics that allowed us to track results, report them in real time and make continual refinements to the campaign. As a result, we were able to:

  • Reduce costs and improve ROI
  • Determine the best-performing media vehicles and re-allocate media dollars accordingly
  • Track performance by both market and media type
  • Track web conversion activities and paths
  • Keep Sales and Marketing teams fully connected
  • Systematize continual improvement

For example, we learned that both print and pay-per-click advertising delivered the best results in terms of cost per matriculant, while radio delivered “brand cover” for the program overall but did not drive applications or enrollments. The program saw 500% growth over a six-year period, the cost per enrollee was reduced dramatically, and in 2008 alone, ROMI was 802%.

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Forrester Report Reinforces Conversation-Centric Model

Forrester report titled, “The Media Meltdown Makes Integrated Marketing An Imperative” provides strong support for Media Logic’s own Conversation-Centric Marketing model.

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Conversation to Action: A New Look at Student Recruitment

Conversation to Action: A New Look at Student Recruitment – White PaperYou know how hard the situation is… whether you are in marketing or in recruitment. Resources are scarce. And prospects are harder to convert. Read The Light at the End of the Funnel: Recruiting the Stealth Applicant to find out how colleges and universities can use those scarce resources to attract and convert top prospects by being conversation-aware and taking advantage of the full spectrum of media opportunities – including social media.

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From Many Houses to One

Cornell University’s College of Engineering’s previous marketing of its Masters of Engineering programs had been limited and fractured. Media Logic developed a solution that could – for the first time – leverage the collective strength of Cornell’s M.Eng. programs while establishing a framework for capturing and nurturing qualified leads.

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Get Actionable Insight on Engaging Stealth Buyers

Get Actionable Insight on Engaging Stealth Buyers. Graphic showing Forget the Funnel PaperIt’s time to join the conversation.

Online tools. Review sites. Social media. They’re radically changing the game – shifting the balance of power by placing control of the marketing process directly in the hands of your prospects.

Download Media Logic’s new paper, Forget the Funnel: A New Look at the Stealth Buyer, and see how changing your approach to B2B lead generation could mean greater efficiency, stronger engagement and better results.

This paper will help you:

  • Get your best prospects to identify themselves
  • Qualify, nurture and convert highly profitable leads
  • Refine your efforts in real time to optimize approach and budget

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Forget the Funnel

The old days of pushing out advertising messages to prospects are over. The pubs are struggling. Trade shows don’t get the numbers anymore. DM and email aren’t driving response.

So, how do you connect with prospects?

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Lead Capture and Management in a Post-Funnel World

The funnel has gone leaky. Across industries, inquiries no longer track to sales. Prospects stay stealth and anonymous. People chat with their friends and followers about you behind your back and then show up at your storefront, website or admissions hall in numbers that mystify.

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