A New Marketing Model Emerges from the Chaos

A New Marketing Model Emerges from the ChaosTake one part struggling economy and two parts massive social networking, and you’ve got a recipe for marketing chaos.

Throughout 2009, professionals on both the client and agency side have been scrambling to make sense of a new marketing reality – tighter budgets, mobile computing, empowered consumers – and get their heads around its implications relative to strategy, creative, media and budgets.

A few of the answers are coming into focus.


In this whitepaper, “Conversation-Centric Marketing: Making Sense of the New Social Order,” Media Logic cuts through the confusion to present a new model for marketing. We outline the radical changes that have occurred in traditional client-agency-customer hierarchies; suggest a framework to help guide strategy and integrate traditional and social media; and offer a concise list of suggestions for how the client/agency relationship must evolve in order to take full advantage of the opportunities presented.

Media Logic welcomes all comments.

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  1. Betsy Hansen says:

    Taking time to understand your audience before just jumping in and creating a twitter account or a fan page is key. As you say guiding strategy and coming up with a hybrid approach is key. It brings together the best of both worlds.

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