xTeam and xBOTs – Huh?

Like any organization, we’ve got our own vocabulary for some of the things we do around here. I decided that it would make sense to go public with some of our internal “speak” because I think it will help people better understand who we are and how we think. Ready?

First, I’d like to introduce you to our xTeam, which is an internal team that is responsible for staying plugged in to what’s happening across the entire media landscape, including owned, earned and paid channels. The team evaluates all emerging media to determine if and when they might have a place in our marketing toolkit. This provides a lot of peace of mind for our clients who don’t need to try and keep up with everything that’s going on.

The team drives Media Logic’s commitment to media neutrality, which we’ve practiced since our inception and is a concept that is more important today than ever before. The xTeam was formed many years ago and includes our exec CD, director of media integration, director of interactive marketing, marketing director, a member of our IT team (who is an über user of mobile and social media) and me, the agency president.

Xbot2Another important role of the xTeam is to “share the wealth,” which leads me to our second piece of ML jargon, xBOTs. xBOTs are forums in which we help everyone at Media Logic “Expand Our Bag Of Tricks.” Simply put, we share what’s happening so we’re all on the same page. Whether part of a staff meeting or done as a “brown bagger,” the goal is to get everyone connected so we can collaborate as creatively and effectively as possible.

Clients are always welcome. If you want to participate, just let us know.

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