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What is a Conversation Manager, Anyway?

Let’s clear up one thing: Yes, “Conversation Manager” is a real title at Media Logic! In fact, Conversation Managers supported by Zeitgeist & Coffee, our collaborative platform for real-time marketing, are exactly what makes it possible for us to deliver our modern social marketing services: Influencer Marketing, Managed Community Marketing and Social Promotions & Social Stream Marketing.

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Chew on This: Kraft’s Social Marketing for a Cause

According to a study mentioned in a recent emarketer article, “in 2009, large majorities of consumers wanted a variety of opportunities to support brands that were active in cause marketing, and by July 2010 they were even more enthusiastic about ways companies could get involved.”

Kraft Foods logoWe’ve noted previously that more and more brands are attempting to feed this national moral hunger through cause-related marketing efforts, and to that end, many are building awareness of such efforts through social media.

A perfect example is Kraft Foods.

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JPMC Foundation’s Kimberly Davis: Taking Risks. Making Change. And Engaging a Whole Lot of Fans.

The June special issue of Fast Company featured “The 100 Most Creative People in Business”. The section about JP Morgan Chase Foundation’s President, Kimberly Davis, caught my attention instantly because her story helps illustrate some of our own findings here at Media Logic about brand engagement, and similar transparency versus authenticity obstacles that we have encountered with our financial clients and observed in our recent research whitepaper.

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Conversatiated: Who Leads the Conversation?.. Consumers? Communities? Companies? Part 2 of 2

In our regular installment of Conversatiated, two Media Logicians share an ongoing dialogue about marketing issues and challenges in a conversation-centric world. In Part 1 of this installment, Josh argued that modern technology and the social web have undeniably empowered individuals to develop and distribute their ideas and interests faster than ever before… While Fred contended that social media has also enabled individuals the world over to assemble of communities of shared ideas and interests…

In Part 2, watch them discuss what these trends mean those trying to using social media as a marketing tool…

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Conversatiated: Who Leads the Conversation?… Consumers? Communities? Companies? Part 1 of 2

In our regular installment of Conversatiated, two Media Logicians share an ongoing dialogue about marketing issues and challenges in a conversation-centric world. In Part 1 of this series, Josh and Fred debate whether social media has ushered in a prevailing trend of individualism or community. How has modern technology and social media affected both? And what does it mean for marketers?

Watch their conversation and hear their thoughts…

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Taking the High Road: Using Brand Amp to Counter Commoditization

How would your company respond to an industry-wide downward spiral of price promotion, reduced productivity, unreliable performance and increased commoditization?

Read how Media Logic client, MicroGroup, took the high road to stake its claim as a valued partner to OEMs.

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Instant Uprising: The Late Show Wars

As brand communities vie to build consumer support, social media proves to be a powerful force for rallying the troops.

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Crowd Control

Crowd Control

A yuletide tale of the power of social media – an unsuspecting Rage Against the Machine overcomes the mighty X-Factor machine to nab the UK’s coveted “Christmas #1” through a highly-targeted, well-timed social media campaign.

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Authenticity: Your Strongest Asset

Making a connection with any target audience will only hold value if the connection you create is honest.

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