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Should Brands be Chicken When It Comes to Facebook?

Does sentiment drive openness or does openness drive sentiment?

There is no easy answer to this “chicken or egg” question. But there is no question social media is opening up (a quite public) window on the relationship between top retail brands and their customers. And though it is not necessary for retailers to prioritize openness – say, by defaulting likers to a “Top Posts” Facebook wall – not doing so (or being unable to do so), particularly when key competitors can, says something about a brand and offers clues as to how that brand operates in social space.

Media Logic has just completed a quick analysis of the relationship between brand sentiment/passion and the willingness of brands to prioritize customer posts on an open Facebook wall. We examined brands in three retail sectors – Department stores, Discount and Value stores and Hobby stores.

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What is a Conversation Manager, Anyway?

Let’s clear up one thing: Yes, “Conversation Manager” is a real title at Media Logic! In fact, Conversation Managers supported by Zeitgeist & Coffee, our collaborative platform for real-time marketing, are exactly what makes it possible for us to deliver our modern social marketing services: Influencer Marketing, Managed Community Marketing and Social Promotions & Social Stream Marketing.

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Media Logic Retail Marketing Report Update: 15 Retailers Beat the Facebook Trend

Walmart makes a big jump on both Facebook and Twitter. Bass Pro Shops, New York & Company, Pottery Barn, Gymboree, Lane Bryant, Ann Taylor, Williams-Sonoma, Chico’s, Macy’s, Bebe, Cabela’s, CVS, Banana Republic and Bed Bath & Beyond also show strong 2011 growth. Meanwhile, Kohl’s, TJ Maxx, Lowe’s, Walgreens and J. Crew flatline.

It took a bit of work to separate wheat from chaff for the January-to-March update to the Media Logic Retail Marketing Report. Most tracked brands experienced a slowdown in fan acquisition after the holidays.

But 15 retailers defied the general trend and posted continued fan base growth into the first months of 2011. What did they do? And what can we learn?

Gain access to the full article to discover what retail sectors and social marketing strategies are yielding the greatest growth on Facebook. Plus, view the complete Liker growth chart for the 100 surveyed retail brands.

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Social Media Will Impact Your Business – Just Ask Rock Art Brewery

Social Media Will Impact Your Business – Just Ask Rock Art BreweryNormally, when a company has its legal office fire off a “cease and desist” letter, it expects compliance – especially if it is a billion-dollar corporation. However, the days of a quick hit of the “easy button” to keep your brand’s death grip on perceived intellectual property might be over, especially if you tweak the wrong tribe.

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Stop the Social Media Madness

Stop the Social Media MadnessMarketers have been expending an enormous amount of energy reporting on and discussing social media marketing. News outlets, forums, blogs and associations devote a huge amount of time and space to the topic – and there is no shortage of “solutions” being offered to help companies get the most out of social media marketing. But have you noticed the tone is starting to get a little desperate? Does it feel like we are using fear tactics to get the point across? I have to ask: Have we created mass hysteria over the subject of social media?

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