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Reaching the Affluent: Traditional Media or New Media? Answer – BOTH

When it comes to marketing to the affluent, channel mix and integration are critical. Here’s a summary of key statistics that marketers who target the affluent segment should bear in mind.

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BMW Knows Good Advertising

Truth be told: there are few things I love more than a brilliant piece of advertising. (Added bonus if it makes me chuckle.) Super-creative spots – whether I find them in a magazine, on television or in a social media stream – get me excited. The more clever they are, the better… and the more likely I am to think to myself, “I hope whoever thought of that got a big, fat raise.”

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Empowered Consumers Push Brands to Cut Loose

If there is one truth in our new conversation-marketing world, it is that brands need to be fearless and try new things. Three big campaigns in the pipeline right now – from Pepsi, Domino’s and Taco Bell – are testing the new rules of marketing in a conversation-centric world.

Will these campaigns succeed? Fail? From a branding perspective, does it matter?

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Putting Their Best Foot Forward

Putting Their Best Foot ForwardSo why are a series of active older adults declaring “I have SilverSneakers®” if they’re not actually wearing said sneakers? It’s the creative hook to a new TV spot that we developed for the nation’s premier senior fitness program, SilverSneakers, from Healthways. The spot is designed to build name recognition for the SilverSneakers program, while demonstrating the end benefit of lifelong fitness — the ability to stay active, and enjoy life.

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