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Scholastic Engages Twitter Followers with #TitleTuesday Game and Giveaway

Did you see the fast and furious fun in Scholastic’s Twitter stream this afternoon? @Scholastic played a game called #titletuesday for an hour, striking upon one of the most engaging Twitter giveaways I’ve seen.

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The Media Logic Retail Marketing Report: January 2011 Update

Specialty Hardlines Suddenly the Hottest Retail Sector on Facebook as Bed Bath & Beyond, Cost Plus World Market and Best Buy Post Strong Liker Growth in December and January

While retail brands in the Specialty Apparel and Department/Discount sectors continue to enjoy the largest Facebook Liker bases (Victoria’s Secret with 11 million, Target with 3.6 million), the big surprise of the January 2011 Update to the The Media Logic Retail Marketing Report is the vibrant growth of brands in the previously socially-moribund Specialty Hardlines sector. Bed Bath & Beyond grew a crazy 1210% in December and an additional 27% in January.[1] Cost Plus World Market drove past 230,000 Likers, with December and January growth that easily outpaced sector averages. And Best Buy continued its charge, growing 16% in January on top of 45% growth in December.

Brands in the Department/Discount sector also saw solid growth on average, led by a few standout performers. Office Max grew 90% in December. CVS grew a phenomenal 305% in the same month. And Nordstrom, with its multi-stream strategy, broke new ground on Facebook, and in January, grew its Twitter base 95%.

Gain access to the full article to discover what retail sectors and social marketing strategies are yielding the greatest growth on Facebook. Plus, view the complete Liker growth chart for the 100 surveyed retail brands.

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